69 ft. Saloon Boat

This 69 foot Saloon Boat has been designed in cooperation with Marinus Meijers for the 'Belle van Zuylen' charter company. Marinus Meijers has been responsible for the naval architecture, while WERNER Yacht Design has been contracted for the styling of the vessel. Regardless the appearance, one has to note that this vessel is new and has been designed from scratch. It has been modelled after the saloon yachts that navigated on the Vecht and Amstel in Holland during the 1910's, 20's and 30's. This particular vessel is used for day-charters by the 'Belle van Zuylen' charter company on these very same rivers.

Length over all:...... 21.00 m Length waterline:... 19.00 m Beam max:.............. 4.25 m Draugth:................. 1.20 m


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