67 ft. Saloon Boat

Just two years after we had been involved in the design of the 69 ft. Saloon Boat 'Dame van Amstel', WERNER Yacht Design was asked again for our expertise on classics. The Belle van Zuylen charter company had stumbled onto the remains of an old German ferry. Inspired by the success of the 'Dame van Amstel' they decided to purchase the remains they had found and started planning the rebuild of the vessel. The design was planned and laid out as a saloon boat intended for day charter. Today the Adeline, as she is named, is a well appreciated sight on the canals and rivers in and around Amsterdam.

Length over all:...... 20.00 m Length waterline:... 18.60 m Beam max:............. 3.40 m Draugth:................. 1.10 m

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