WERNER Yacht Design is a well established name when it comes to designing reliable and stylish motor yachts. Since the start, we have mainly focused on classics and retros, whether new build or refits. And therefore the base for the designs is not just a thorough understanding of naval architecture and engineering, but in addition, a profound knowledge of styles that prevailed in various periods of the nineteen hundreds. Decades as the 1920’s and 1930’s, as well as the 1960’s have produced some of the finest yachts in history. The designs can be carried out following a specific style, through to the smallest detail. Or alternatively, they can be carried out in a way that merely reflects on the glory days of yacht building, carefully balancing between modern days comfort and yesterdays intimacy.

Having said this, there certainly is a shift in the type of requests we receive. Whereby we get requests for more contemporary designs over the last few years. That is a welcome development, but either way, the results should always be stunning, making a lasting impression on everybody who lays their eyes on the design.

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