When I started Werner Yacht Design in 1997, I was convinced that yacht designing had to be approached differently from what I had seen around me. The demands on the interiors seem to dictate the looks of the exteriors. Whereas, in extreme cases, styling would be the outcome rather than the starting point for the design. In my opinion one has to establish the styling first, and then design the exterior and interior layouts simultaneously, without preference for one or the other. We find a style that suits you and apply this consistently and in harmony to the design. We meanwhile respect the limitations of an optimum lines plan as well as the size of the human body regarding optimum interior dimensions. When it is not possible to fit in all the your wishes, we always advise to scale up the overall dimensions of the yacht a little. A few percent extra in length can make just that difference inside, while good looking hull and superstructure lines remain. And that is what it is all about after all, the result should always be stunning. The yacht, once launched, shall attract the eye of everybody passing by.

WERNER Yacht Design Theo Werner

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